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Computer networking is quite simply the process of linking computers together so they can exchange and share information.  The physical process involves the installation of 'network cards' in the computers and cables between the cards of all the computers in the network.  The electronic configuration of a network is mainly achieved in one of two ways:

Peer to Peer
Client/ Server

How does computer networking help Business?
Is Networking right for me?
Can I save money with a network?
Can my employees be more productive with a network?

Word Pro Systems can customize a network to fit your needs and leave room for the future.  As a Total Solutions Provider, WPS can provide the hardware and software to make the network "work" for you.  Our Network Engineers have experience with NT, Novell, Unix and CISCO routers.  Please contact us now to speak with our Network Specialist and let them plan your future today.  

How can computer networking help my business?

When a business employs a computer network effectively, there is an increased flow of inter-company information and co-operation.  A network can unlock the power of your computers and promote stronger team working.  A good example of effective networking is a central company database of customer records, so every employee dealing with clients would be able to see a detailed record of past communications and transactions.  
One of the most valuable assets to a business is the information contained in it.  Without information, day-to-day business cannot continue.  The more effective distribution of information a business has, the more effective its individual components are.  Networking computers is the most efficient way of making sure those that require information from company databases can have quick access to it.  This can make the difference as inquiries can be dealt with quickly and professionally, as well as centralized information is easier to "backup" and less likely to become 'lost'.

Is Networking right for me?
If you are looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce peripheral cost and maintenance, then networking is your solution.  

Can I save money with a network?
Without a doubt.  A network gives you the ability to "share" printers, files, & internet connections.  If you have seven employees and each employee requires a computer, printer and internet connection, your cost of doing business can be drastically reduced with a network.  You could easily realize a reduction in your overhead from 7 to 1.  One printer, One internet connection.  

Can my employees be more productive with a network?
Yes.  Sharing files and a fast internet connection (DSL, CABLE, T1, SATELLITE, ISDN) will allow your employees to make the computers work for them, not the other way around.  

Here are a few of our "Network" clients:
Prudential Alliance Realtors
City of Olivette, MO.
City of Northwoods, MO.
Mosby Building Arts
Roberts Loading Docks
Kroeger Construction
La Tropicana Distributing
Ackerman Toyota

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